Trip Report 31 May to 1 June – Seaborne LOB

Long weekends are fantastic for diving Anambas, Indonesia.  We headed out from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT) Singapore, Friday night and travelled overnight to our first dive site, an island called Damar about 110 miles from Batam.

Dive Seaborne Report 31 May - 01st June 2015_02

The visibility was fantastic all weekend.  We completed 8 dives around Anambas, Damar, Repong, Katoka Rock, Bawah and Malang Biru.

All fantastic with black tip reef sharks and turtles at some sites.



The highlight and low light was Katoka Rock. As we were descending a school of amber jacks decided to swim around me like a tornado.  Just amazing, then they went and did the same to another diver nearby. Unfortunately, no one had a working camera to capture the scene.

Dive Seaborne Report 31 May - 01st June 2015_01

After the great dive, we were all stung by jellyfish at the safety stop. There were so many we had to cut short the safety stop in order to get of the jelly infested water.

The other group of divers were also stung, but a lot worse then my group because they were all wearing bikinis and shorts with fully exposed arms and legs.



After the night dive on the last night, the jelly fish were at the back of the boat. The only way to move them was to get under them and blast them away with the alternate air course and quickly make a dash for the ladder.

We managed two awesome dives at Igara Wreck Monday morning. The first dive had some mild current but the second dive did not have any current.  We managed to swim from the bow to the stern of the wreck and safely returned to the Seaborne via the rope.

Another great weekend, great dives, great food, great company. Congratulations to Tobias on completing your PADI Advance Open Water Course.

[cryout-button-light url=”#”]Glenda’s tip: Best to wear long exposure suit when scuba diving. This could be a rash guard or wetsuit. You never know what nasties might be lurking in the water.

Thanks to François Logeais and Alex Tay for the use of your photos.

Cheers, Gary Savins

By the way, we did not attempt to dive Seven Skies Wreck once we heard the report from the other boats that it has been salvaged.  Such a sad day to see people destroying things that don’t belong to them. Money can be a greedy evil.  What has the world come too?  Soon there will be no wrecks left for us to dive if we don’t stop this illegal salvaging. I have created an album in FaceBook to capture her memory. May she rest in peace. Click here to view.


Trip Report 8-10 May 2015 Seaborne

The Seaborne, live on board headed out towards Anambas, Indonesia for the first time, in a very long time this weekend.  Unfortunately the seas were not as calm as expected in May and some people were a little bit sea sick.

We dived at Malang Biru, Repong, Katoka Rock on Saturday and the Igara Wreck on Sunday.

Katoka Rock was far by the best dive, with so much to see with fantastic colourful coral and loads of fish. The visibility was 20-30 metres.

With 10 divers on board and no other boats in sight we had all of the dives sites to ourselves.  There was no current at all on Saturday and people really enjoyed the fantastic diving Anambas had to offer.  The coral is still in good condition at Malang Biru, but Repong is showing signs of previous dynamite fishing.

On Sunday we dived the Igara Wreck which was fantastic, although the current was a bit strong on the way down the line and up again.  On the wreck itself there was no current on the port side, but very strong on the starboard side.  We did the usual swim through the rope room and “the crack” looking for the nurse sharks,  but no sharks were sighted.  The visibility on the wreck was around 8 metres, so not too bad at all.

The food on board was fresh as always and the Saturday BBQ was just as tasty as ever.

Cheers, Gary Savins

Trip Report 24-26 April Seaborne LOB

With 7 kids from an international school and 7 adults we headed out from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore to join The Seaborne (LOB) at Nongsa Point Marina, Indonesia.  Big Andy, GS-Diving PADI Dive Master was on board to help out with some on the PADI Advanced Diver Course dives.

For those readers who are not familiar with an LOB, it is a live on board boat, where we sleep and eat and then dive from, all weekend. It is a great way to enjoy a diving trip as you don’t have to transfer between a dive resort and small boats, it is a complete package.

I was busy with 2 PADI Open Water students, 3 PADI Advanced Open Water students and 1 PADI Side Mount student. Andy was a great help conducting must of the PADI Advanced Water skills whilst I was doing the PADI Open Water skills.

It was a big group of people and sometimes we ran into each other, as we were co-ordinating the dive schedules. Anyway, it was still a lot of fun watching Andy teach the kids how to navigate underwater. Michelle was a bit lost the first time round, so she did the navigation square again. The second time was perfect.

Paul, Federico, Vicky and Ji Yeong dived together and enjoyed all that Riau has to offer. They were amazed by the number of sea fans and the untouched soft and hard coral. They were also very happy to see the school of trevally, yellow tail whiting and barracuda.

Gerald, one of the kids from the school, is my latest and youngest PADI Dive Master trainee. He dived with Chloe and the rest of the leisure divers. On the last dive of the weekend he and Chloe lost the rest of the group and they just dived together.  He claimed that to be his first guided dive. Not bad for a 16 year old kid.

The visibility was not as good as the Easter long weekend, but it was still good enough to enjoy the dives.  It’s always fun teaching kids to dive.

On Sunday, the Seaborne was cruising back at 12 knots, which was about 2-4 knots faster than average. It was so fast that we got back to Nongsa early enough to take the earlier ferry and we arrived back in Singapore at 4pm. It was a great way to finish a great trip.  Big Andy said, “The Seaborne is so fast, I think it is blowing me off the back of the boat!”

It was a bit of a rush catching the earlier ferry, so I did not get a chance for a group photo. Sorry.

Some of Paul’s topside photos are below:

Cheers, Gary Savins

Trip Report 6-8 March 2015 (Seaborne’s first trip)

Dive Seaborne Report 6 -8 March 2015_01It has been a long journey getting the Seaborne up and ready to operate.



Dive Seaborne Report 6 -8 March 2015_02 Fully refurbished with everything replaced including a new fridge, new TV, new cutlery, new tanks and new dive gear. Everything else has been renovated, replaced and/or overhauled.

So you can imagine it was an exciting first trip to Riau, Indonesia with some great diving too.



Dive Seaborne Report 6 -8 March 2015_03Fully refurbished with everything replaced including a new fridge, new TV, new cutlery, new tanks and new dive gear. Everything else has been renovated, replaced and/or overhauled. So you can imagine it was an exciting first trip to Riau, Indonesia with some great diving too.Dive Seaborne Report 6 -8 March 2015_04






We completed 5 dives Saturday and 1 Sunday before heading back to catch the 4.30pm ferry.  This had us back in Singapore at 6pm.  Using the ferry to and from Singapore means no long journeys or late night arrivals.  We even had 30 minutes to relax on the Seaborne before heading to the ferry terminal.

Dive Seaborne Report 6 -8 March 2015_05During the dives we saw an amazing array of soft and hard coral all untouched and not broken.  Sea fans were covered in colourful feather stars. They were everywhere and there were so many, it was just unbelievable. We also saw a number of nudibranchs of all colours, flat worms swimming and crawling and thousands of small fish of different varieties.



Dive Seaborne Report 6 -8 March 2015_06The best dive for sure was at a site I named a couple years back as “Soft Coral Round-About”. It’s a small island that you can just about make it all the way around in 60 minutes.  This site, as the name suggests, is littered with soft coral of every colour with sea fans too.



Dive Seaborne Report 6 -8 March 2015_07But the highlight were the many bamboo sharks, and blue spotted ribbon tail rays.  We also had a school of trevally and a schooling barracuda.  Thousands of fusiliers covered the entire site.  Just amazing fish life.

The visibility was ok to good, at around 6-10 metres.  The night dive was good with crabs and a massive puffer fish.


Enjoy the video taken on the weekend by Jo using her GoPro with a red lens filter.

Cheers, Gary Savins

Video edited by Gary Savins

Additional Photos can be viewed on the GS-Diving FaceBook Page – here